What is Clear?

Clear is an online invoicing and time tracking service that enables business professionals to quickly and easily create, send, track and manage invoices. With no finance or technical skills needed, Clear enables you to devote more time to earning money, look stunningly professional and get paid faster.

Bill by the hour or by the item? Recurring invoices? No problem. Create and send all kinds of invoices in seconds.

Log time spent on projects as you go.Turn your timesheet into an invoice with a few mouse clicks.

Resolve disputes fast. See who owes you what at a glance. Automatically chase late payers. Get paid 14 days faster.

Send professional looking, branded invoices that give your company the pizzazz of a corporate enterprise.

Quotes in the media

From the blog

Biggest invoice ever – for parking tickets?

Imagine this. A car is abandoned in a car park. No tickets are purchased. Days, weeks, months and even years pass by. What happens? The horrible truth dawned recently on an American driver. Parking fines that totalled over $100,000 were... Read more

Consumer rings up PPI invoice victory!

Have you claimed for PPI? More to the point, are you heartily sick of being asked that question! According to media reports, one Middlesex man so got fed up with being called by companies offering their services to help him... Read more

Watching it all go up in smoke!

It’s Bonfire Night – and an expensive one for some. Britain spends around £70 million per year on fireworks, according to moneysupermarket.com. The web site scoured the web for the fanciest firework set it could find – and came up... Read more

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