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Bill of the Week: £4,900 for watching the Apprentice? You're fired.

Congratulations to Stella English, who’s just won BBC’s The Apprentice.  A worthy winner!

The series has made for great watching as usual … especially Stuart Baggs (‘The Brand’), whom – we were told – is not even a fish, never mind the size of the pond he inhabits.

The Apprentice can be watched for free … for most of us.

But one solicitor was billed an astonishing £4,900 for the privilege and is this week’s Bill of the Week or maybe even Bill of the Year!

The problem arose because of confusion over ‘unlimited broadband’. Apparently, she thought her all-you-can-eat 3G data card deal would be good abroad. It wasn’t.

So while the 46-year-old was sampling the sun and watching the BBC iPlayer on the French Riviera, the bill for streaming The Apprentice and several other programmes to her laptop was ramping up faster than the queues at Britain’s snowed-in airports. The rate was £4.25 per megabyte, apparently. That roughly equates to an eye-watering  £40 per minute of viewing time!

Not even Stuart Baggs is worth watching at that price! 

But there was a happy ending. Her mobile provider waived the fee. And no-one got fired.

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