Clear has been receiving some great coverage in the media:

Clear Invoices
“Clear enables the user to generate professional-looking invoices and then automates the payment process. It provides automatic notification of outstanding invoices and even chases customers who do not pay on time.” Read the full article at or in the Weekly E-zine of FT columnist Mike Southon

Show me the Money
Clear’s Peter Whent joins a panel of experts recently on the pilot episode of Show me the Money, the new BBC show aimed at small business professionals.  Read the full story …

Clear launches cloud-based network tracking
“Creating and sending a simple invoice can take less than ten seconds … the system is ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers.” Read the full story …

Taxing Changes
“When you’re thinking of starting a business you’re concerned with much more immediate issues” … EGS Chief Executive Peter Whent looks at what’s important to entrepreneurs.  Read the full story

Clear launches cloud-based network tracking
“The CLEAR network will enable small firms to focus more strongly on customer service and growth … the new platform will enable SMEs to secure their cash flow as well as streamline their operations and reduce costs.” Read the full story …

How small businesses can avoid late payments
“New business technologies such as Clear’s Invoicing network can help ease the administrative and payment challenges that threaten so many entrepreneurs’ honest endeavours,” says Peter Whent, CEO and founder, Clear Invoices.  Read the full story …

Clear invoices
“… customers are typically paid fourteen days earlier than those who are using manual systems.” Read the full story …

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