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Biggest invoice ever – for parking tickets?

Imagine this. A car is abandoned in a car park. No tickets are purchased. Days, weeks, months and even years pass by. What happens?

The horrible truth dawned recently on an American driver. Parking fines that totalled over $100,000 were slapped on the single mum by officials in Chicago.

Apparently, the tickets started being issued in May 2009, after the car was first abandoned in the city. And they kept on coming. In the end, there were 678 of them, totalling a reported $105,761.80. This was a record for Chicago – and probably for the world!

However, the driver at the centre of the paper storm isn’t happy. The unemployed mum (31) says the car belonged to someone else, who seemingly registered the car in her name without her knowledge, say media reports. She intends to defend herself.

The irony is that the fines are worth more than the car. A lot more! It’s reckoned that the 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo has a value of about $600!

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