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Want to punch above your weight?

When demand dips amid the recession, then companies traditionally cut back on spending. But more small enterprises are discovering they can save money, while improving their capabilities – by moving to cloud-based services.

A recent survey found that a quarter of small firms are now using on-demand services in areas such as finance and IT. It’s reckoned that these companies want the chance to punch above their weight – by using services normally only affordable by the bigger players.

The concept is simple: Why invest a fortune in developing an advanced service to improve your business efficiency, when there’s one available already on your web browser – for just a few pounds?

So what about the other three-quarters of small businesses? Why haven’t they caught on?

The answer could be explained by an article this week in ComputerWorld UK. It reported on another survey that highlighted a lack of knowledge as a prime factor dissuading small companies from moving to the cloud.

According to the report, owners of small businesses are often “wearing many hats,” where they must deal with marketing, sales, financial management and IT. There was a “fear of the unknown” when it came to the cloud.

It’s understandable. People running small businesses have so little time to start exploring the market. But services like Clear are a great way for these companies to try the cloud in a safe and pain-free way.

Here are some great reasons why:

– Clear is free: You don’t need to commit. Just register and send a few invoices to give our service a try.

– Clear is easy: Anyone who’s typed up an invoice and surfed the web should have no problem. Take the tour and see for yourself.

– Clear is reliable: Your business is safe with us. We’re part of EGS Group Ltd, a business trusted by over 100 major organisations to process and deliver in excess of £1 billion-worth of invoices electronically each year.

So how will Clear help you to punch above your weight?

Well, importantly, we save you time and money. You should get paid faster too.

What you do with those extra, freed up resources is your business. We hope it’ll help you to thrive and focus less time on admin and more time on the more important things … so you can sharpen your company’s competitive edge.


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Shock bill for video game ‘virtual food’

It’s great when today’s tech devices are so intuitive that they can be used just as easily – whether you’re six or 60.

But a grandad from Yorkshire had a nasty shock when his six-year-old grandson splashed out on virtual food when using his iPad to the popular children’s video game Tiny Monster Island.

And it was only when grandma’s credit card was declined at the supermarket, that the spending splurge came to light, according to reports. The little lad had splashed out £2,000 on in-game food and coins to help fight his way through levels in the game.

But there’s a happy ending. Apparently, the game store has agreed to refund the cash.

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