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Big bill looming after ‘ram raid’ – watch video

It rarely happens in these days of recession, but staff at a sports store in Austria watched as dozens of eager customers jostled to get into the aisles. There was just one problem: the visitors were sheep.

How and why the farmyard flash mob got mobilised this way seems unclear.

One theory is that one sheep saw itself an a mirror, got confused and came in to investigate. Always keen to follow a fashion, another 80 hot-footed in behind.

But stock was damaged and there’s now a legal discussion over who picks up the baa-zarre bill. Presumably the flock spent a few pennies in the ski resort store .. but not on lambswool golfing jumpers!


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Atinuke keeps score as Paralympians go for gold

While millions of us enjoyed the London 2012 Paralympic Games on TV, a member of Clear’s testing team, Atinuke Olatigbe, was one of the many volunteers playing a key role behind the scenes.

After spotting a poster on the Jubilee Line, sports fan Atinuke applied to help – and soon found herself at the ExCeL arena, as one of the data-entry team for the powerlifting competition.

“It was a fantastic experience,” says Atinuke. ” The athletes were wonderful – especially the Nigerian and Egyptian teams – and so were the crowd, who generated a terrific atmosphere.

” At school I enjoyed track events, but powerlifting was something new. It’s highly technical. I worked with a great team that had to check weights, times and scores – but it all went really well, thanks to training and encouragement from our LOCOG colleagues.”

So has Atinuke been inspired to take up powerlifting herself? “No way!” she says. “It requires amazing dedication and practice. I really admire the athletes. And I loved being involved. So if I get the opportunity to go to the next games in Rio, then I’ll happily pack my bags tomorrow!”

Pictured above:  Atinuke with Fatma Omar of Egypt, who won a gold medal and achieved a world record in the Women’s 56kg Powerlifting


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Are you an easy target for late payers?

Is your business sending out the wrong signals – and paying the price?

“Small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wait an average of two months to get paid by other businesses, and many cannot survive the problems caused by overdue payments.” So says the Guardian.

In an insightful piece called ” Avoiding overdue payments: top tips for your small business”, Manos Schizas gives some great tips on how to get paid on time.

There’s some sound advice and a big emphasis on credit management. But it was Tip #5 that caught our eye: ” Be organised about invoicing and collections”.

The key point – made very well by Manos – focuses on the psychology around payments. The bottom line is this: “Some customers look out for signs of disorganisation and use them to determine which suppliers they can get away with paying late”. Cunning eh?

And as Manos urges, “Make sure you don’t present yourself as the easiest or most deserving target.”

The Clear team would echo this point absolutely. (That said, we stress this only applies to the worst type of customer – not the normal or better ones.)

In the current climate, more than ever, getting your invoices organised is vital. Whether you’ve managed this or not, really shows.

If you submit your invoices on time like clockwork and chase up like clockwork … then even those less helpful customers are more likely to pay like clockwork. They realise there’s no room for manoeuvre. You’re the supplier who chases first, not the sloppy one they can get away with paying last.

Clear can help with this in many ways. But our following features are all especially relevant:

  • Clear generates professional-looking invoices, so customers know you mean business. Your payment terms and bank details are stated clearly.
  • Invoices can take seconds to create and send using Clear – so submitting them on time (even when you’re busy) is very easy. What’s more, recurring ones can be sent automatically each month.
  • Clear’s auto-chasing feature means you can be as firm, polite and insistent as you wish if payments become late. Clear does the chasing for you – so you don’t waste precious hours doing this.

Put simply, Clear makes organised invoicing easy.

You can read the Guardian article here.

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