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Bill brings Spiderman back to earth

There was a time when pinching a traffic cone was viewed as a rite of passage for a student.

Worn as a hat during a night of high-jinks … it would then become a trophy in the corner of a bedroom, next to the empty pizza boxes and muddy football boots.

But the world of traffic cone pranks reached new heights in Scotland just recently.

In a Spiderman-like stunt, an 18-year-old raised the bar by planting one on the top of a 80ft school spire. But he was left with a sky-high bill for his efforts!

The prank was dubbed ‘legendary’ by other students at the school in Aberdeen, according to local reports.

However, school bosses didn’t see it that way. They brought the lad back to earth – by landing his parents with a £1300 bill for the cone’s removal. That said, an Internet appeal is reckoned to have raised most of the money already.

Spiderman … rescued by the web!


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The painful price of Olympic triumph!

Has your Olympic bill arrived yet? By June 10, anyone who’s entered the ‘ballot system’ for tickets will find out whether they’ve drawn a blank or secured gold.

By that date, whatever money is due will disappear magically from the accounts of the lucky sports fans. It’s an odd way to discover the size of a bill. But there you go.

For many people, it’s not a big issue. Perhaps they entered the ballot for a couple of events – like the cycling or swimming – and get awarded tickets to one of them. No big hit on the wallet.

But some over-eager sports fans got carried away and applied for multiple events. If they romp home on every front, then the bill could run into thousands … the Olympic torch burning a giant hole in their pockets

Apparently, one insolvency practitioner in his 30s could be landed with a charge of £36,000 if he gets every ticket he’s applied for – despite his credit card being less than the total value!

Never mind ‘going for gold’ … many winners could be ‘going for cash-for-gold’ … in a bid to pay for their seats!

And how much Olympics can anyone take? Archery on Monday, fencing Tuesday, judo Wednesday, sailing Thursday, boxing Friday … merely turning up to everything to venues across the country would be a marathon-like test of endurance!

However, there is a way out. Apparently, next year there will be a system in place where you can resell any unwanted tickets.

The ballot system has its critics. But there’s a good case to be made for its fairness, giving everyone the chance of top seat. That said, the unpredictability of the ordering and billing must be regarded as the downside … a total one-off … not to be repeated elsewhere.

But what if it was? And the havoc it could cause!

Imagine calling your local Chinese takeaway and taking a gamble, unsure of what they’d be able to deliver. Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rings and there’s a solitary pancake roll … or, alternatively, a truckload of food containing everything on the menu!

You’d have to call in the Olympic rowing team to eat it.


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Clearly New Recruits

If Clear enabled you to knock off work early, then how would you spend your time?

Clear’s newest recruits would have no trouble in answering … sport!

Sales team member Ben is a Tae Kwon Do specialist, so knows how to deal with a few knock-out blows … which is handy as he’s also an avid Spurs fan (don’t mention Real Madrid. Ouch!).

Meanwhile, our new development specialist Kiran prefers the sound of leather on willow. And when he’s not enjoying cricket, he revels in epic games of badminton.

Back at the office, you’ll find them both hard at work, making Clear even better – and helping to spread the message.

You can check out their profiles on our About Us page at

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