Posted - 17/03/11 | 1 Comment

Bill of the week: Oh to be a bar fly on the wall

It’s traditional to put a few quid behind the bar when there’s a wedding reception, company bash or family party. But you’d need a mortgage to fund the monster session enjoyed recently by 15 members of one successful company.

Apparently, tequila and cocktails flowed aplenty at this memorable gathering in Mayfair. But the group also downed some 13 magnums and jeroboams of champagne, with help from guests at other tables.

Whether the party coincided with bumper bonuses or a juicy new contract, it’s not clear. But the final bill made sobering reading … at over £50,000!

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  1. Posted - 30/04/11 by Alexis Amateur

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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