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Bill of the week: Oops. Game over.

There’s something wonderfully simple about online purchasing. But sometimes can it be too easy to keep on spending … especially if you’re a big fan of video games.

According to Kent Online, one 11-year-old lad gave his mum a horrible shock when her own card payments started to be declined.

She then discovered a whopping bill had been amassed by her son, who was able to purchase games, weapons, costumes and other bonus items using his Xbox Live account. The total topped £1,000. A phenomenally high score.

Now it’s been paid. But the 37-year-old media exec is planning to contact a solicitor about the issue. And she’s keen to warn other families the dangers of adding credit/debit cards to their children’s tech toys.

It’s game-over for the poor lad, apparently. His Xbox Live account has been closed.

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