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Bill of the week: Use your loaf to earn a crust

Imagine if you could invoice for all the wasted time you endure? Paul McCrudden put the idea into practice…sending bills to sandwich shops and other places where he had to queue.

Over a six-week period, the digital strategist logged the seconds and minutes. Invoices followed.

On his web site, Paul explained his aim at the time: “Having invoiced the companies that claim my attention, I’ll soon find out how much they respect the time I spend with their brand.”

Transport for London were billed the most at £531. But they didn’t pay up. However, according to Paul, five companies including Pizza Express and Little Chef provided a mixture of payments and vouchers.

The best letter came from Pret A Manger with a tasty filling … a cheque for £62!

This included a refund for the £22 spent on food plus interest and, amusingly, £1 for time they suggested that Paul would spend walking to the post box! Cheap at the price for some top-notch PR, once the news wires feasted on the story!

If you want to log your wasted seconds and minutes, then one of Clear’s upcoming features will be perfect. It works like a stopwatch. Click to start. Click to stop. Click to create an invoice. Click to send. Of course, we can’t promise that anyone will pay up for time billed for queuing.

But there’s plenty of scope for potential bill recipients. How about the time spent waiting at home for the gasman or phone engineer?

And what about those energy-sapping call centre phone queues. When the automated system insists that: “Your call is important to us.”

Maybe it’s time to ask how important? And “are you prepared to put a price on that?”

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  1. Posted - 02/03/11 by H Smith

    Very funny. This reminds me of an episode of US sitcom Seinfeld called ‘The Kiss Hello’.

    George isn’t able to make his appointment at the physio – but they charge him anyway because he didn’t give them 24 hours’ notice.

    Then … it’s the physio who cancels George’s next appointment (so she can go skiing – as George later discovers!).

    He’s furious and demands payment for his time – back from the physio practice – because they didn’t give him 24 hours’ notice!

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