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Bill of the week: I’ll drink to that … if you’re paying!

We all like a big saving – especially one as much as 35%. But is that enough to run up a bill of £8,500 … just for one meal?

The bargain in this case was a bottle of wine, spotted by two visitors to the Hawksmoor steakhouse. According to City AM the wine in question was a 1982 Petrus which would normally cost over £10,000. So it seemed a snip at just £6,500. And how better to celebrate, than enjoying the bottle immediately, washing down the finest lamb chops and lobster?

Keen to let others share their good fortune, the generous pair invited next-door guests to join them – and picked up their tab too. The meal was then followed by a nightcap. What the night cap was is unclear but we can assume it wasn’t another bottle of 1982 Petrus!

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