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Bill of the Week: It was so big it arrived in a box

What’s the biggest bill you’ve ever received? Not the value … but the amount of paper it was printed on? Three pages, four … five maybe?

For 23-year-old graphic designer Justine Ezarik, the bill was so big, it arrived in its own box.

It ran to a mind boggling three hundred pages and detailed her iPhone usage. The reason? Apparently, no bill preference option had been suggested, so the telephone network included the minutiae of traffic detail. And the bill was only for 275 dollars!

Justine – who also happened to be a comedian too – created a video about the bill that went on to become an Internet sensation and clocked up over 2.8 million hits on YouTube. The video ends with the telling message: Use e-billing. Save a forest.

Or as we’d put it … use Clear, the home of paperless billing.

With Clear, your bill can be one page or 300 pages long – but you only print what you need. Everything can be viewed, queried, downloaded, printed, marked as paid and much more … all through the convenience of a Web browser. No boxes!

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