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Cool new reporting tools with Clear 1.5

Hot on the heels of the very well received V1.4 we have just released Clear V1.5. The theme of this release is putting succinct information at your fingertips to enable you to stay on top of invoicing. We figure that a lot happens in the time between sending an invoice and collecting payment for it. This release is all about keeping on top of what happens and doesn’t happen in that time – it’s all about smart reporting. So let’s dive in and take a look.

The Reporting “home” page gives you a simple list of all the available reports. We hope this list will grow and we start with a plea – please tell us what you want to see in here. If a new report would make your life easier please go to the forum and tell us – the forum is at:

Probably the most popular report is aged debtors. This shows a great snapshot of who hasn’t paid and how overdue they are so you can identify the most delinquent customer at a glance and take action. Here’s a screen shot:

If the Aged Debtors report prompts you to jump on the phone and start chasing overdue bills then you can arm yourself with an “Unpaid Invoices report” to do it. You can select which customer or customers you want to target from the report generator as shown here:

The result is a report that lists each invoices that is still outstanding from that customer(s) like this:

In a just a few simple reports you have got right to the heart of the problem of who is not paying on time. It is amazing how many small companies never quite get on top of this vital piece of information.

Your Accountant will also love V1.5! With just a few mouse clicks you can now run a VAT report for a defined period which shows the total VAT across all invoices. You can see this as a simple total or presented as a total per customer or showing the VAT split on every invoice. You can download all of these VAT reports as a CSV file making VAT returns a piece of cake.

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