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Clear V1.4 will help you get paid faster!

We have just released Clear V1.4. The theme of V1.4 is adding features that will help you get paid quicker. You can view V1.4 via your existing Clear account. If you are not a current Clear user you can register for free at

This version introduces three new features.

Overdue invoice reminders

You can now set your Clear account to automatically send an email reminder to customers the moment an invoice becomes overdue. We understand that you don’t want to treat all customers the same and so this feature can be set on a customer by customer basis. In My Clear > Customers you will now see an option in each customer record which allows you to enable reminders for that customer. e-invoicing for small business

You have options to send reminders as soon as the invoice becomes overdue; 14 days after it becomes overdue and 30 days after it become overdue. We have also included the option to send a ‘Final Reminder’ and you can set when that is sent.

You will also see a new tab in My Clear entitled ‘Templates’. Once you have enabled a customer to receive overdue reminders you will able to view 4 templates here. online billingThese templates contain the body of the email that is sent out to remind customers that their invoice is overdue, 14 days overdue, 30 days overdue etc. You will see that we have suggested some text for each one but once again you are in control here. You can edit and format the text how you wish.

Finally any reminders sent out are included in the invoice history which you can see when you view the invoice in Dashboard > Sent Invoices. As the invoice history now has the potential to be quite large we have collapsed it so that it is hidden. If you click the ‘Show History’ link at the top of the invoice view it will expand.

Flags for over due invoices

This has proven very popular! In the Dashboard view of both Sent and Received invoices we have added a neat feature. A red flag now appears in the right hand column as soon as the invoice become overdue (i.e. it is not marked as paid before it ages beyond your terms of credit). online billing

This allows you to quickly spot an overdue invoice or at a glance see how many of your invoices are overdue.

Management tools in sent invoices

To help you manage your invoices and keep on top of overdue or unpaid invoices we have added some management buttons in Dashboard > Sent Invoices. These are ‘Mark as paid’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Archive’. These behave in the same way as the equivalent buttons in Dashboard > Received invoices.

If you have any questions about how any of these new features work or if you want to suggest any features that will make Clear more useful for you please go to our forum and post your questions or ideas. Or just join in some of the discussions that are shaping Clear’s direction. The forum is at:

The Clear Team

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