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By the way – we include a free archive

Someone pointed out to me the other day an element of our service that they think we underplay – The Archive.

I know from bitter experience the nightmare of storing boxes of past invoices or having all your invoices stored on the hard disk of your laptop. What could possibly go wrong? Well at the simple end of the scale someone could ask for a copy of an invoice from last year. How good is your filing system Рhard copy or electronic? If you are lucky several unproductive and frustrating hours later you lay your hands on the document.

But at the “disaster” end of the scale your hard disk could fail. Slowly the full scale of the catastrophe dawns on you – you haven’t backed it up. You have just lost all of your past invoices!!

Clear is a Cloud-based service. Everything is stored and backed up online in an industrial strength data centre. In fact to be exact in two industrial strength data centres which copy everything between themselves to be extra sure. So not only could we withstand a hard disk crash, we could survive a plane crash and still be able to serve up your invoices without interruption. And how much extra do we charge for this “sleep at night” peace of mind I hear you say? The answer is nothing. It is free now and will be included in whatever price plans we introduce in the future.

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