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Clear 1.3 – OMG!

We released Clear Version 1.3 today and there are high fives all round in the Development Team for a job well done. The theme of this release has been the user experience and we think V1.3 makes creating, sending and managing invoices even easier! We have now got the creation and sending of an invoice down to 3 clicks of a mouse! We have also given you a much cleaner and more intuitive user interface. The main new features are:

1. Free text entry for one-off items on new invoices. Most of our users invoice for the same goods over and over again – just to different customers. However, some of you who do bespoke work or varied types of consultancy told us that you either; always invoice different items or at least would like the option to include a “one time” item. In this case it was laborious to create a new item, invoice it and then delete it. We listened and hey presto! V1.3 includes the ability to invoice for one-time items (i.e. invoice items that you don’t want to re-use).

electronic invoicing

Free text entry for one off items on a new invoice

All you need to do is to click your cusrsor into the description field in the new invoice screen and make a free text entry – no need to create a new item and Clear won’t remember it. here is a screen shot:

2. Invoice Management. This one was also high up on the list of most requested enhancements. In the received invoices tab we have now added some action buttons to help you manage your invoices. Now you can Query, Reject, Delete or Archive invoices as well as record payments so that you can keep on top of what has been paid. Here is a screen shot:

online billing

New invoice management buttons

Watch out for the same tools (and a few more) being incorporated into the Sent Invoices tab in the next release of Clear.

3. Dispute management. We have added a “Dispute” button which allows you to start a dispute dialogue through Clear – much faster than by phone or email. The dispute conversation is recorded and while the invoice is still subject to a dispute you can see the conversation by previewing the invoice. A dispute is ended when an invoice is marked as paid. Here is a screen shot:

4. General improvement of the user interface. You will see a number of general improvements around Clear in the way information is being presented. Clearer tables, better action buttons, less cluttered forms. We think the whole experience is now much better.

We are on a constant mission to improve and enhance what Clear can do for you and would love to know what you want. Visit the forum and join in the dialogue about new features.

The Clear Team

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