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How many companies take their own medicine?

Don’t you think it’s a bit odd if you come across a company that provides a service but doesn’t use that service themselves in their business? What does that say to their audience? I’ll tell you – it says: ‘The proposition and the benefits that we constantly tell you come as a result of our service don’t really exist”. Because if  the benefits really did exist and the business believed that, I can’t think of a  good reason why the provider of that product or service would not be their own biggest customer.

Not only do we send invoices electronically to our customers but we use our own tools to help them through the approval process. And to prove the benefits are real we get paid quickly. On several occasions this year our days sales outstanding have been less than our 30 day terms of credit – in other words some of our customers are paying us before the invoice is due! That takes some doing!! Not only do we take our own medicine, but it has a real and positive effect on our cash flow. There is no better advertisement for our service.

Recently we took it a step further and asked all our suppliers, initially the small ones, to send invoices to us using Clear. Of course there was a bit grumbling….until that is they got paid a bit earlier than usual. Now they are fans – because the benefits we preach are real and we believe in them.

So when you come across companies that don’t take their own medicine – don’t take it yourself. If their service or product is not good enough for them, that tells you all you need to know.

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