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Watching it all go up in smoke!

It’s Bonfire Night – and an expensive one for some. Britain spends around £70 million per year on fireworks, according to

The web site scoured the web for the fanciest firework set it could find – and came up with the Victory Pack from Fireworks International.

For those happy to pay the invoice, this eye-candy collection offers “Explosive entertainment at its very best” for £2499. You get 57 Cakes, 34 Candles, 8 Mines, 70 Rockets, 6 Wheels and 1 Waterfall … presumably the grand finale. Not bad if you want to impress the neighbours!

It’s reckoned that 2012 has been a big one for pyrotechnics. Before Bonfire Night came the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. There’s next month’s New Year’s Eve too. All great occasions to mark with fizzes and flashes.

But, as bills go, the UK still ranks as a mere sparkler in the world league of whizzbangs. It can’t hold a Roman candle to the stand-out show of the past decade.

That was in 2009. Hosted by Abu Dhabi, the occasion was the world’s biggest and priciest firework display – put at around jaw-dropping $20 million (£12 million).

But what about the original November 5 stunt that never was ... the explosions planned by Guy Fawkes?

In those days, his gunpowder cost £200. But calculates that at today’s prices, that invoice would total a hefty £35,000.

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