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Phone bill shockers – at the double!

Stories about alarming invoices are featured regularly in this blog. And this week we’ve got a horror double bill involving mobile phones.

First up, there’s Devon woman Anne Roberts who was, reportedly, left with a £27,000 bill after purchasing a £20 pay-as-you-go phone while on holiday in Wales.

It’s reckoned that a technical glitch meant that the mobile phone company began withdrawing £20 every ten minutes after she bought it. That’s £120 per hour!

According to media reports, she discovered the bad news after receiving a text from her bank and putting her card into a cash machine to discover her balance was massively in the red.

However, soon after, it seems the company apologised and refunded the money.

Meanwhile … a mobile user in the USA is reported to have received a bill for over US600 dollars after donating her old phones for charity.

She says that one of her old handsets was still active. Thinking the organisation would wipe all the data, she didn’t worry. And then the bill arrived.

The woman says she actually called the old number and a man answered, saying he’d the phone off the street – and thought it came with free minutes!

Since then, the call charges have been dropped, say media reports.

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