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Football fans get top billing

The new premiership football season has kicked off – with the usual crazy results you get when some teams appear still to be in ‘holiday mode’. But there’s another big score announced recently that’ll make any dedicated fan pause for a few seconds at least … before wolfing down their next chicken balti pie.

A new survey by a tyre manufacturer has estimated the total bill spent by the average football fan during a lifetime of supporting their team. It’s a whopping £56,000!

Per season, that’s around £1,300 splurged on match tickets, petrol, programmes, food and drink. The survey, which questioned 2,000 fans, also included things like travel to some away games and team merchandise, as well as subscriptions to club TV channels or websites.

So what else could you do with £56,000? We took a look online and found a three-bedroom maisonette in Birmingham. Alternatively, there’s a Mercedes Benz CLS-Class 350 at just under budget or you could hire a top-of-the-range luxury yacht for a couple of weeks.

But spread over decades, maybe following a football team isn’t such a bad deal after all? That is … as long as your club wins something during your lifetime!

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