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Precious seconds bring home the gold

It mattered to Usain Bolt, Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis and the hundreds of other medal winners at the London Olympics: Every second counts!

For small businesses and freelancers, every second counts too – that’s if you get paid for them. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for them yourselves.

A while back, the Clear team introduced a nifty innovation to our electronic invoicing service … a stopwatch. The concept is simple: If you look after the seconds, then the hours will look after themselves.

Billing customers by the hour will always be an approximate business. But our stopwatch feature makes it as accurate as possible. So there’s no need to look back at notes in your diary or make vague guesstimates when it’s time to invoice.

Clear’s timer is just like a stopwatch – whether it was the 2:25 minutes you spent replying to emails for a client, or the conference call that lasted 8:30 minutes. Just click once to start, once to finish, add the client and the job. Clear does the rest, collecting up these scraps of time and auto-populating your invoice with a precise record of what happened, when and for how long.

Note: If the Timesheet/timer option is missing in the Clear menu bar, then you can activate it. See our online Help guide page called choosing an invoice layout that fits your business.

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