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Are you getting a slice of Olympics pie?

When market researchers contacted companies across the UK, they found that 4% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are part of the Olympics supply chain. More than you might imagine.

About half have been involved with deliveries to the Olympic site. The rest have supplied goods elsewhere or provided services in areas such as infrastructure, professional consulting and legal advice, according to researchers BDRC Continental.

Overall, there are mixed opinions over the staging of London 2012. Some smaller companies worry about disruption, their own staffing and the environment. But there’s an upbeat feeling too, as nearly a quarter expect increased profit/trade from a boost in tourism.

If you won an Olympics contract for your business, then how is it working out? And when the work is done, will the invoicing and payments process zip along like a 100m sprinter – fast and slick enough to claim the gold in the procurement category?

We look forward to reports afterwards – and we’ll try to link to them in our Tweets.

A win/win for everyone would be great for ‘Enterprise GB’!

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