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Olympics party comes to town!

Some things in life are free … like enjoying watching the Olympic torch pass by your workplace! Today, the Clear team joined thousands of others, cheering and waving as the procession continued in the capital (see photos above) – all leading up to tomorrow’s opening ceremony. Our best wishes go to the British team!

Millions of us will watch the Olympics on TV. But assuming you’re suddenly given a ticket for a big event, then how much will your total bill work out for a memorable trip to the capital?

Put simply, some costs have soared – while others have fallen, according to media reports.

If you need to park your car, then be careful. One operator has just increased its London daily parking rate from £36 to a jaw-dropping £60, says This is Money.

Then there are the hotels. These are charging premiums of up to 300% to families staying in London during the Olympics, according to research quoted by Sky News.

So are hefty invoices putting off the punters? It may seem that way. Interestingly, new figures show that 23% of hotel rooms in the capital are currently unreserved for the two-week Olympic period.

And the market is responding. The Telegraph reports that cost of hotel accommodation in London during the event has fallen by nearly a third since June! Apparently, average room rates are now currently £146 a night (though that’s significantly higher than the same period last year).

But hunt around and you might find a better deal. Rooms in central hotels can be obtained for as much as 30% below the usual rates, says The Guardian.

The newspaper makes another suggestion if watching the Olympics isn’t enough to keep you entertained. Apparently, it could be a bargain time to catch a West End show. Theatre seat bookings have slumped. And savings of up to 40% might be possible.

If you want a good meal afterwards, then the Olympic effect won’t leave you hungry, according to The Guardian. Many top restaurants still have tables available – though there’s no word on whether prices have gone up or down.

More modest fare can be found at Olympic venues. But the bill could add up – especially for family groups: “With prices as high as £1.60 for a small bottle of water and £5.90 for a tuna salad, taking a packed lunch seems an appealing alternative,” advises the BBC.

Lastly, if you want a souvenir, then there’s something out this week that’ll help keep that overall bill to a minimum. The Royal Mail is issuing a new set of stamps to mark the start of the Olympic Games, featuring four of the most popular events.

They’ll show a cyclist, a fencer, a diver and runners, alongside London landmarks Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, the Olympic Stadium and the London Eye, says AOL. And the price is just £1.28!

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