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Apes’ cunning escape may result in hefty bill

A German zoo could be faced with a huge invoice – after five chimpanzees created makeshift ladder out of branches and leapt to freedom!

The invoice could relate to the fleet of police, ambulances and fire engines that raced to the scene, according to press reports.

Police and zookeepers armed with pepper spray patrolled the area while 2,500 visitors were evacuated.

Apparently, amid the chaos, a five-year old girl fell over and an elderly man (stuck in the tropical house) needed attention but no visitors were harmed by the powerful primates. What’s more, four of them even returned of their own accord!

The fifth (Maxi) returned after some coaxing and the provision of a ladder. A zoo spokeswoman is quoted as saying that Maxi then reported back … to see the head gorilla!

Media reports say an inquiry is now underway among the humans too … to determine what happened.

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