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‘Lightbulb moment’ proves costly!

Heard the joke about changing a light-bulb? Normally it’s about how many people it takes. But one amazing story this week was all about the bill – a jaw-dropping £900!

Apparently that’s what one local authority may have to pay for getting a lantern working again at an historic building.

Admittedly, access to the top of the 100ft-plus Victoria Tower in Huddersfield has proved tricky since steps inside its turret were blocked off in 1959. Strapping ladders have been ruled out after health and safety bosses had concerns, according to news reports.

It’s said that scaffolders have quoted £900 to do the job. But the council is reportedly looking at more long-term solutions – like an LED that lasts at least 20 years. Now that’s a smart lightbulb moment for reducing the bills!

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