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Small firms think smart amid gloom

It’s rare to hear a good-news story related to small companies amid the recession. So it was heartening to read this week that more than two-thirds of small businesses say they have gained some benefit from the economic downturn.

What on earth could that be, you might wonder? Well, nearly 500 business owners were quizzed. And, apparently, 20 per cent said they now receive better rates from suppliers. Other reasons were cited too – like there being less competition to worry about, according to the report.

But an impressive 39 per cent reckoned the recession had encouraged them to streamline their business and cut waste.

Of course, it makes perfect sense. When business is booming, there’s little time to look for savings and iron out inefficiencies. But the downturn focuses the mind on every penny that could be saved.

That’s where cloud-based services like Clear really help. Not only do we help you to save on postage costs and avoid delays – through free, online invoicing – but our service is streamlined to save you hours of admin time. In fact, as one of our team proved, it’s possible to create and send an invoice in less than 10 seconds!

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