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Are footie fans about to pay the penalty?

Last weekend, English football fans savoured something special and quite unexpected … one of our teams going to Europe and returning with silverware. Winning a penalty shoot-out against a formidable German team made victory taste even sweeter.

Congratulations Chelsea.

And their success may have spurred on fans to aspire to something greater … next month’s Euro 2012 Championships.

Of course, it won’t be cheap to follow England (even if they fail to make it past the first stage). Tickets, travel and accommodation all stack up.

But a big warning about another potential bill should be ringing in the ears of any fans heading towards Ukraine.

The alert is about phoning home – and it comes from the price comparison people at

The issue arises because the EU legislation to cap roaming charges does not cover the non-EU countries, like Ukraine. So this might result in eye-watering bills for fans.

The number-crunchers at uSwitch reckon that bills of £35 a day are easily possible. And this could arise from merely making and receiving two five-minute phone calls, listening to a two-minute voicemail message and sending five text messages and one photo message.

The web site also warns of daily data bills could hit a terrifying £228 if mobile users don’t use free local wi-fi and keep their phone’s data roaming switched off.

So it’s worth checking your bank balance first …. before uploading that photo to your Facebook of the English team lifting aloft the trophy!

Mind you, if that really happens, then I don’t think any of us will mind paying a few extra quid for the privilege!

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