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Dart guns, catapults and slime – the new weapons of choice in the war against stress

Life has become especially stressful for small businesses. The economic turns has meant falling demand for many firms – while costs are increasing and loans are harder to secure.

But some companies are using creative ways to beat the stress. This week, toy supplier revealed that its sales to companies have boomed since the latest downturn started in 2008, according to media reports.

Apparently, fluorescent slime and foam slingshots have become best-sellers, while foam dart guns, flying toys and brain teasers are also proving popular among businesses of all sizes.

It’s reckoned that office toys can help improve employee morale, focus, and creativity by providing an opportunity for us all to escape and then refocus.

At Clear, we have to agree. Our own Mario Kart racing competitions have been a great idea, along with other team activities, creative thinking sessions and social get-togethers.

But there are practical ways to beat stress too – and that’s what our service is about, as well as saving you money.

For starters, creating invoices can be a hassle – so Clear make it quick and simple. Posting invoices can be expensive (which is a growing worry now after the recent stamp price hike) – so we make it free to send online.  And chasing invoices can be stressful, so Clear can do it automatically for you.

The bottom line is this … your invoicing is done faster and you get paid quicker. As a result, there’s more time left in the day to relax, not worry, earn extra money … or have a blast with an office foam dart-gun shoot-out!

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