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Lifting of ban stays a pipe dream

Question: How do you make it rain?
Answer: Announce a hosepipe ban.

Despite last month being the wettest April on record, hosepipe bans look set to continue after being introduced in parts of southern and eastern England.

Anyone flouting the rules could face fines of up to £1,000. That said, a quarter of gardeners are breaking the hosepipe ban, according to a new survey.

But one UK resident was left facing the prospect of a big bill, despite cutting down on water use – including how many times he flushed the loo. He has no garden to water either.

Retired train driver Paul Hawkins was left “steaming mad” after he was told by his local water authority that he had tripled his water use, say reports. Apparently, a letter from them claimed he was getting through a drenching 200-plus litres per day.

But Mr Hawkins reckons it could be down to a meter mix-up, add the reports. The local water authority is investigating and promising he’ll only pay for what he’s actually used.

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