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DIY-ers see red over white

What did you get up to over Easter? DIY and decorating?

Slapping on a few layers of paint is normally a simple enough job. But, just recently, it’s led to some very unexpected results and pricey bills.

Customers using one popular brand discovered that their ‘brilliant white’ paint faded to yellow within weeks. And now the company has been forced to pay out thousands of pounds in compensation to stirred-up customers, according to media reports.

“It was if we had chosen a different colour,” said one customer. Another is claiming it’ll cost him over £2,000 to re-paint doors in his home and a flat he rents.

Apparently, the problem is down to EU regulations which insist that solvent levels in the oil-based paint are reduced. But the paint company reckons only a small minority of customers were affected and problems have now been resolved, according to reports.

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