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It’s coming … to a doormat near you

It’s nearly Easter, which means the arrival of something brown and expensive.

Easter eggs, you might wonder? Well, yes … hopefully. But we were thinking more about that brown envelope from HMRC.

Out with one tax year and in with another, come tomorrow, April 6. And the invitation soon arrives to submit your tax return.

For small businesses and freelancers, there’s that tax bill to budget for. But there’s also likely to be an accountancy bill, if you get professional help.

The Clear team cannot do much about the first bill. But we can help you with the second one.

You see, Clear includes a report-building feature that could save hours of time for your accountant (and could reduce their bills) when they calculate your business income.

In a few clicks, you can use Clear to generate reports that show:

  • Paid invoices: Lists all invoices paid over a given period of time by one, some or all customers.
  • VAT summary: If you’re VAT registered, then this lists and totals all VAT included on invoices over a given period of time.

Just download these reports in a few moments and pass them to your accountant.

But Clear doesn’t stop there. A couple of other reports are ideal if you want to improve your cashflow – or start putting funds aside for the inevitable tax bill:

  • Unpaid invoices: This lists all invoices unpaid summarised by one, some or all customers – so you know who to chase soonest.
  • Aged debtors: This lists all unpaid invoices by age.

Note: Don’t forget, you can always you choose an option within Clear to send polite, automatic reminders, whenever your customers are late with payments.

With all these records at your fingertips, you can get a clearer picture of your finances in an instant. There’s no looking for old files and adding up. Clear remembers everything and crunches the numbers for you.

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