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Town fails to see the yoke … as Eggman’s clean-up bill soars

The Spanish town of Buñol has become famous for a festival held on the last Wednesday of August – La Tomatina.

This is the day you wear your old clothes into town – because you’ll return home looking like a walking bottle of ketchup.

Basically, thousands of people take part a mass tomato fight in the street, resembling a bloodbath (watch the video if you’re really curious).

Everyone has a great time. But a town in the USA is experiencing a food-throwing phenomenon of a different kind.

Eggs are in abundance … and not the chocolate type for Easter. An egg-flinger is on the loose. Residents are worrying about a massive clean up bill – and desperate to poach the culprit.

Police say it’s happened more than 50 times in four weeks – with the egg prankster always striking at night. Cars are a favourite target. But these attacks can cause “major damage” if you don’t clean them off immediately, says resident Jim Raeford.

Let an egg dry on your car – and you can count on a big bill. Depending on the type of paint, it could be as much as 1500 dollars, according to one estimate.

Police have asked residents to call them immediately if they notice anyone buying large numbers of eggs.

PS: Cleaning up tomatoes is a lot cheaper than eggs. After La Tomatina, water is pumped from a nearby Roman aqueduct – and the fire brigade and residents hose down the streets in moments. There’s a side benefit too: The acidity of the tomatoes disinfects and thoroughly cleaning the cobblestone streets – leaving them in pristine condition!

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