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See your way Clear – through the doom and gloom

This year – 2012 – could mean the end of the world, according to some people’s interpretations of the Mayan Long Count calendar.

But another date – 2014 – could spell doom for many small businesses.

A quarter of small companies expect to fold by then, suggests research by an associate professor at Warwick Business School.

An insightful piece has also been penned by Graham Baskeyfield on the web site of the Cambridge Network, which brings together business people and academics to share ideas.

He suggests three basic steps to help small and medium-sized businesses to fight for their survival. These focus on how to significantly improve a company’s cashflow and reduce or eliminate the need for external funding. The advice is excellent.

Note: Graham Baskeyfield isn’t endorsing our service in any way. But when we read his three steps, it chimed perfectly with what Clear does.

Here’s what we mean:

His advice step 1: “Restructure invoicing cycle and process: Send a bill out as soon as service is rendered.”

How Clear helps with this: You can turn timesheets into invoices in moments. Sending any kind of invoice is virtually instantaneous.

Advice step 2: “Be aggressive with outstanding debts and follow through to legal action where necessary.”

How Clear helps: Rather than being ‘aggressive’, Clear enables you to be polite but firm. Payment terms are clearly marked on your invoices and we’ll even chase them for you automatically if they become overdue.

Advice step 3: “Improve payment and billing experience. Make it easy for customers to pay by avoiding invoicing errors and disputes.”

Another great piece of advice from Mr Baskeyfield.

So how does Clear answer this one? For starters, our service sends professional-looking PDFs with all the correct payment details in the right place. Clear also adds up everything accurately and automatically (including VAT), avoiding mistakes. And thirdly, Clear has an easy-to-use query and dispute mechanism, so simple mistakes can be resolved quickly and painlessly.

The bottom line is this … you get paid faster. And when funding is hard to secure – and cashflow under pressure, then Clear can make a difference.

Click here to read the Graham Baskeyfield article on the Cambridge Network.

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