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Will stamp hike finally squish the paper invoice?

snail crawling on invoiceMassive increases in the price of posting letters in the UK will harm small businesses.

So says the not-for-profit Forum of Private Business, commenting on speculation over whether the price of a second-class stamp could rocket by as much as 50 per cent.

It’s reported that Ofcom is currently consulting on the proposals that could see second-class stamp prices soar from 36p to 55p.

Some small businesses still send invoices by post. But, with Clear, invoicing is fully electronic and automatic. Here’s a quick comparison between the two methods:

Cost: If a small business sends 20 invoices per month via second-class post – and the price does rise to 55p – then the stamps alone will cost £132 per year. Then there’s the ink, paper and time taken walking to the post box. With Clear, the cost is zero.

Speed of payment: Clear users have a head-start already. Invoices can be sent and received within seconds, while the post takes 2-3 days. What’s more, Clear’s invoice notification goes to the email basket of the right person – while a paper letter/invoice runs the risk of being lost or mislaid. Research shows that small companies that use tools like Clear get paid on average 14 days quicker … a big help with cashflow especially.

Try Clear for yourself for free. Save some stamps – and get paid faster!

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