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Keep calm and carry on

office disaster imageWhat would happen to your invoice records if your office suffered major disruption from an event such as a flood or fire? More likely, what would be the outcome of a computer failure?
Would you know who owes you money … and how much?

New research suggests that having a ‘business continuity plan’ in place can make the difference between success and failure for businesses after a disaster.

According to the research by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association and the Cabinet Office, it’s small businesses that appear to be most at risk from the effects of a major disruption. There’s a suggestion that as few as 5% would be prepared.

Of course, getting your invoicing up and running again after a disaster is only one part of your business. But it’s an area where you’re already covered with Clear. Issuing invoices and following up on payments can continue uninterrupted.

Because Clear is cloud-based, your invoicing records are stored safely, remotely. You can log in securely from any location and work on as usual.

It’s peace of mind that doesn’t come at a price. Clear is free of charge.

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