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Run a small business? You’re an Internet star

Take heart small businesses. You are the ‘real Internet companies’ … not the likes of Google.

That’s not the Clear team talking (although we agree). In fact, it’s Google saying so.

Matt Brittin, a vice president with the web search giant, has hailed small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) as the “real internet businesses”. He says SMEs are the “unsung heroes of the economy.”

He also believes the web needs to be put at the heart of their companies rather than being seen as a bolt-on extra, according to one newspaper interview.

We agree. And it’s cloud-based services like Clear that make it happen quickly and easily for SMEs – without upfront costs and technical hassles.

If you haven’t tried Clear before, then why not take a look today? The service free of charge and you can send invoices in seconds. This saves you hours of time that you can spend on earning money for your business.

You can also track and chase invoices automatically, which helps with cashflow … another big plus for small-to-medium sized companies.

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