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It’s money down the drain …

Luton Borough Council has been saddled with a hefty bill after thieves swiped more than 70 drain covers.

It’s reckoned that the heavy-metal crooks may have been driving around in a van, pretending to be council workers – and then selling the covers for scrap.

According to local media reports, more than 150 covers have been stolen across the town since January, leaving the council with a bill of around £37,500 to pay for replacements.

Since the, staff have been frantically putting up cones and barriers around the holes – to save unwary drivers, cyclists and pedestrians from a nasty fate. Also special new covers with hinges, making them harder to pinch, are being used.

But the timing is especially grim, as all local authorities are looking to save money and avoid unnecessary expense.

  • Churches, schools, homes and businesses have been waking up to big bills too. As prices soar, scrap metal has become a goldmine, according to the Manchester Evening News. Organised crime gangs are thought to be behind a huge rise in metal thefts, with more than 3,000 incidents in the past six months in the Manchester area. Lead stripped from the historic Elizabeth Gaskell house in Ardwick is estimated to cost £700,000 to replace.

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