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US President brought to book – with a $300k bill!

Got any overdue library books?  Forgetting to hand them back on time may cost you 20-50p per day. And the numbers rack up if the delays run into months.

But surely no-one could beat George Washington’s infamous record!

According to the BBC, staff at New York’s oldest library recently discovered that the first president of the United States of America still owes them for two unreturned books.

Apparently, he borrowed them from the New York Society Library in 1789. One was a dissertation on international relations and the other was a volume of debates from Britain’s House of Commons. They were due back a month later – and have been accruing late charges ever since.

Librarians identified the culprit while making a digital copy of the library’s historical ledger where the name ‘President’ had been scrawled by an aide.  With adjustments for inflation, it’s reckoned that Washington now owes $300,000 (£195,000) in fines for being 220 years late.

The library is happy to waive the fines. Instead, it wants the books back. But they appear to have vanished.

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