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Charging them up to the top of the bill

What will your holiday bill total? And what about all your trips – business and social – over the whole year? A few thousand, £5k, £10k or more?

Most of us are finding ways to cut back or be smarter with our money. Last-minute deals, loyalty cards and promotions are a great money-saver.

But, according to Aol Travel, the Duke of York’s travel total has headed in the other direction. The site says he’s doubled his travel costs to £358,763.

Trips in a chartered aircraft to Kuwait, Bahrain and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia cost taxpayers £88,612. Trips last year by Prince Andrew also reportedly included £121,810 for one tour of Italy, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Of course, it’s worth stating that Prince Andrew has been promoting British business in Asia and the Middle East. And if these trips deliver a net profit for the country, then maybe all those air miles would undoubtedly offer good value for money? That’s another debate.

However, the Taxpayers’ Alliance is not impressed. “There is no need for lavish spending and it is especially insensitive at a time when millions of taxpayers are tightening their own belts,” says spokesperson Emma Boon.

– The Queen’s accounts for the 2010/11 are published for anyone to pour over at the British Monarchy web site. Overall, spending reduced by 5.3%.

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