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Paper invoices create 3 million tons of carbon a year

Cast your mind to earlier this year, the news was littered with unexplained deaths of animals across the world. 5,000 blackbirds fell dead out of the sky in Arkansas, and 40,000 dead crabs were reported from Maryland, New Zealand and England. So were these the sign of an apocalypse or are they just adverse effects of global warming?

2011 has been labelled the International Year of Forests by the UN to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining them for future generations. This is hugely tied in with the push from the European Commission to adopt broad scale e-invoicing by 2020, as they point out the environmental benefits as well as the cost saving ones.

They make a valid point as the stats scream for themselves. In 2009, 30 billion invoices were sent across Europe, resulting in approximately 90 billion pieces of paper being printed out.* This created a carbon footprint of approximately 3,000,000 tons, or 90,000 return flights from London to Sydney.  If, however, these were sent electronically 12.6 million trees could have been saved. Looking at those figures, it is easy to see why environment issues and e-invoicing go perfectly hand in hand.


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