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Massive bill to beat the summertime blues!

Never mind £1 for an ice-cream, the bill for keeping the kids amused over summer holidays will cost over £2,000 for many families.

The break will cost an average of £379 per week, making a total of £2,274, according to a new survey by satellite TV service Freesat.

Petrol, entrance fees to attractions and eating-out lead the table of costs, which also includes sporting activities, lessons, souvenirs, toys and sweets.

Apparently, a third of parents are raising cash by selling items on eBay while nearly a quarter save up by relying on charity shops and hand-me-downs. Almost as many work extra hours to put money aside.

However, those words that most parents dread … “I’m bored” … still sound out across the UK. The survey reckons that 77% of kids will still grumble!

Older parents (and grandparents) may casts their minds back to the tear-jerking song No charge by country singer Melba Montgomery in 1974.

In the song, a young lad hands his mother a bill for jobs around the house. The mother sings her response – reminding her son about all she’s done for him … for free.

You can watch it here. Tissues at the ready though. It’s a weepy of the most extreme kind.

Better still, make the kids watch the video. It may reduce complaints and lower demands, thereby reducing your summer holiday bill!

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