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You can run but you can’t Hyde!

Heavy legs, gasping for air … but big grins all round – and a tidy sum for charity!

The Clear team joined 2,000 others in London last week for the Hyde Park Jog, which raised funds for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Our runners set off from the park’s bandstand, following two routes: A challenging 10km for the fitter ones (two thirds of us) and a gentler 5k run for those of us who consider a walk to the nearby cake shop to be a ‘work-out’!

Unfortunately, progress wasn’t as fast and streamlined as Clear’s invoicing system. Still, we all made it across the finish line … and then retired, as a team, to a nearby spot for beer and pizza.

But it wasn’t the final timings that mattered most (although Adrian was the fastest!). A tidy sum will soon be on its way to BHF.

Our sponsorship and donations are now well into three figures – with the Clear management promising to double whatever we raise!

Other runs and jogs across the UK are being organised by BHF. Click here for more details.

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