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Never mind the bill – how much do you tip?

With the summer holidays approaching, many Brits are poised to splash the cash … and too much of it!

Apparently, there’s confusion over how much we should tip abroad. In fact, 65% of people are too generous with their gratuities – perhaps to avoid embarrassment, according to new research attributed to ICE (International Currency Exchange).

It’s reckoned that tips of up to 20% are normal in the USA and Canada and 10% is fine across Europe – apart from France, where as little as 5% will delight waiters and taxi drivers alike. However, be warned … tipping is considered an insult in Japan!

If you’re feeling generous in your business, then it’s possible to tip using Clear.

When an invoice arrives from a supplier, you can suggest the amount should go upwards (or downwards).

You can query the bill and add a note on the top (For example: “Add 10% and resend the invoice. The service was brilliant!”). Here are the instructions for adding messages like these.

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