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Bill brings Spiderman back to earth

There was a time when pinching a traffic cone was viewed as a rite of passage for a student.

Worn as a hat during a night of high-jinks … it would then become a trophy in the corner of a bedroom, next to the empty pizza boxes and muddy football boots.

But the world of traffic cone pranks reached new heights in Scotland just recently.

In a Spiderman-like stunt, an 18-year-old raised the bar by planting one on the top of a 80ft school spire. But he was left with a sky-high bill for his efforts!

The prank was dubbed ‘legendary’ by other students at the school in Aberdeen, according to local reports.

However, school bosses didn’t see it that way. They brought the lad back to earth – by landing his parents with a £1300 bill for the cone’s removal. That said, an Internet appeal is reckoned to have raised most of the money already.

Spiderman … rescued by the web!

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