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Avoid “Groundhog Day” by automating recurring invoices with Clear

What’s your innermost fear of technology … that robots will take over the world?

A bad thing no doubt. But how about letting our mechanoid underlings just do the really boring, mundane stuff you have to live through, over and over again? Tasks that require zero original thinking but eat up hours of time? In movie terms, think something like I Robot meets Groundhog Day. We applied this to Clear – and introduced two neat time-savers.

First, you now have Recurring Invoices. These are the weekly, quarterly or yearly bills that never change – but you have to churn them out each time nevertheless. Perhaps some of your customers are on retainers, service contracts, maintenance packages, subscriptions or other regular arrangements? It’s deja vous for you, each time you invoice them.

With Recurring Invoices, you just set up the invoice once … and then forget it.

Clear sends the invoice automatically. Every time. On the dot. And just click to stop them any time.

The other time-saver relates to the onerous task of chasing customers when payments are overdue. Something that most people hate doing. Thought some probably like it!

Clear’s ability to send auto-reminders on your behalf has been one of its winning features from the outset. But now we’ve fine-tuned this feature so the approach can be targeted differently for each customer – to maximise results!

It’s possible to enable different auto-reminders profiles for each customer if you go to My Clear > Customers. Set the number of days before you want Clear to chase – and Clear will send them a polite reminder by email when the morning arrives. You can set Clear to follow up anything up to four times at intervals if the invoice remains unpaid or you can just chase them once – its up to you.

Now, for the first time, you can also customise what the reminder says.

There are a bunch of template messages that you can edit.

Clear suggests the text. But you can tweak the message – to add or remove the sugar as needed!

The bottom line … is the bottom line. Smarter chasing = faster payments into your account.

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