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Clear V2.0 sets you up for summer!


Summer will soon be here … but Clear V2.0 has arrived already! Now you can spend even less time sorting invoices at lunchtime or staying after hours and missing your best mate’s barbecue party.

Clear V.20 includes an extremely useful feature for those of you who charge by the hour, rather than a fixed price for goods and services.  Clear’s new time-tracking option lets you bill customers more accurately for jobs. There’s no need to rely on memory, diary notes or emails for clues.

Clear makes it easy to create a new project and keep a record of project-related tasks – like meetings, phonecalls and project work – for the entire lifecycle of the job. And when it’s time to invoice for the project, a click of the mouse and all the facts and figures will be beamed up, Star Trek-style, onto your regular Clear invoice. Very logical. As Spock might say.

Here’s a peek (see below). The time tracking feature is available now. Just log in to Clear and look for the “Timesheet” menu option.  If you need some more pointers, see this section in the Clear Help Guide.

Note: If Timesheet doesn’t show up in your menu, then the next bit explains why … and shows you how to make it appear.

Not everyone bills by the hour. Some of us charge a fixed price for goods and services. But some of us need the flexibility to invoice for both … hourly rates and fixed prices.

So we’ve created a choice of invoice layout styles to suit all three options. It’s something you select when you create your Clear account. It looks like this …

But you can always go back to these options (and change the invoice layout you use) by selecting My Clear and editing your Company Details. See this Clear Help Guide page for more tips.

Note: Timesheet will only appear in your Clear menu if you select the second or third options in the last (ie. by telling Clear that you sometimes need to charge by the hour).

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  1. Posted - 08/04/11 by Jeff Haller

    This looks great. Tried it out… does what it says on the tin!! I had to kiss a few frogs before I found you but worth the wait

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