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Bill of the week: It’s the iApology. Sorry dad!

MPs in the UK get a rough ride over expenses, ever since the ‘duck island’ fiasco. But there’s little mercy shown Down Under either.

Spare a thought for Aussie member-of-parliament Russell Wortley. His mobile phone bill topped 10,000 dollars in one month. Apparently, his 2-year-old son was the culprit, downloading iPhone applications and sports games – some costing $4000 each!

But the poor lad could be forgiven. The downloads were flagged as ‘free’ it’s just that the phone didn’t have the right data allowance within its package! Whether dad’s in a forgiving mood remains to be seen. The mobile provider hasn’t yet announced if the bill will be waived or reduced.

One way to pay for a giant phone bill would be to win a big prize in a quiz. But then again, quiz lines sometimes charge premium prices. According to the BBC, the big plan backfired on 20-something Brett Rees when he notched up nearly £9,000 after repeatedly calling quiz shows!

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